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Vietnam’s response to coronavirus crisis earns praise from WHO

Despite sharing a border with China, Vietnam has, with a combination of early decisive action, extensive testing, vigorous quarantining and social unity, so far avoided the devastation seen in Europe and the United States. With coronavirus infections in the mere two hundreds, Vietnam’s response to the crisis has earned praise from the World Health Organization…
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Vietnam to ship nearly a million protective suits to the United States

Vietnam has shipped nearly half a million Dupont protective suits to the United States to help healthcare professionals there fight the coronavirus, according to the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi. “This shipment will help protect healthcare professionals working on the front lines against COVID-19 in the United States and demonstrates the strength of the U.S.-Vietnam partnership,”…
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Our Recent Business Journey Took Us Across The Land Down Under – Australia

SilkStar had successfully B2B Meetings in Australia the last few weeks.  We were traveling with Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in Sydney on September 30th, in Melbourne on October 2nd, and in Perth on October 3rd to promote tourism to Vietnam. In Melbourne, one travel agent, Traci, who we've been partnering with the last 5…
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