Cambodia Holidays

Cambodia was once the home of the powerful Khmer kingdom, and to this day, the country dazzles with its timeless architectural treasures. Perhaps none is quite as grand as Angkor Wat, the sprawling complex considered the heart of Cambodia. But there is far more to explore here, including the alluring Phnom Penh, which was at one time thought of as one of the most beautiful French-built cities in Indochina and some of Asia’s best hidden beaches such as Koh Rong Island with glistening sands and sparkling turquoise sea. The remote Ratanakiri region is blossoming as an ecotourism hub to discover natural beauty and interact with elephants in their natural habitat. The province of Mondulkiri, which is located in a hilly area near the border with Vietnam, is home to many of the hill tribes and is known for its thickly vegetated forests and beautiful waterfalls.

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