Among the many concerns for travelers traveling to distant land, especially those whose the overall general population doesn't speak English as a second language, are:

  • How do I get safe, reliable transportation from one place to another without having to fear of getting rip off or getting a run around by local taxi drivers? This is especially true when I first get off the plane, tired from a long flight, and being disoriented. The last thing I want to do is to get into arguments with local drivers that would ruin my first impression of the place.
  • How can I truly experience authentic local cuisine without having to fear of getting into a tourist trap or a place that is not sanitary?
  • Often times, I don't like to be 'herded' around like those experienced on large tour groups. I like to stroll at my own pace, exploring the destination on my own plan. Will any tour operators accommodate such need?
  • When I run into unfortunate emergencies, such as medical emergency, lost passport or travel documents, flight cancellations, etc., who can I reached out locally for help?

If I find better, or having a specific preference for certain hotel accommodation in certain leg of my trip, would the tour operator willing to accommodate? Having traveled to over five continents and over three hundred cities worldwide, I think that SilkStar Holidays has addressed all of the above concerns when I'm in Vietnam (I have not had the opportunity to travel with the Agency on other Southeast Asian countries. Hopefully, that will change in the near future)

  • Whenever I step off the planes anywhere in Vietnam, I can count on having a SilkStar Holidays car or van, with a professional driver, waiting to pick me up. With lots of luggages and often time traveling small kids, this is very comforting.
  • Vietnamese food varies from regions to regions. Most restaurants claim that they are the most authentic, but it takes a seasoned local tour guide to differentiate one from the other. I have not been disappointed with any of the local guide assigned to me by the folks at SilkStar Holidays.
  • SilkStar Holidays had been very accommodating and flexible to my traveling needs. Many times we were able to change our tour itineraries to fit our schedules and whatever hurdles came at the moment. All it took was a phone call to Hang and she will do her magic to see if she can accommodate my request.
  • Whenever I'm traveling with SilkStar, I can be at ease knowing that there's a whole supporting team tracking my flights for every leg of my trip. If there's any upcoming flight cancellations or delays, I will get notified by SilkStar staff and they will help me rectify the situation. Any issues with travel documentations is only a phone call away from getting personal support from SilkStar's local offices.
  • Whenever I planned my trips to Vietnam, Hang had been working closely with me to draft custom itineraries. If I preferred to stay in any specific hotel on any specific leg of my traveling plan, she was able to accommodate. I truly enjoyed using SilkStar Holidays services.

PS: Whenever you are visiting the Central region, I would recommend Mr. Vinh as the guide. I took many trips with him and have had nothing short of a wonderful experience each time.

Phong Lam,